Our mission is to develop products that make life better for everyone.

We build products in two ways: we develop our own and we co-create with entrepreneurs and established companies. We are determined to launch innovative digital products which have a long-term vision and solve real problems.


We’ve come a long way since Skalar started as a web development company in 2007. Working for the public and private sectors, we delivered tailor-made projects for our clients, ranging from ERP, CRM, websites and web applications. We blended the lean startup and agile software development methodology into our work and culture. We pushed user-centered design solutions aligned with our client’s business goals and shipped working software incrementally.

How We Work

  • 1. Discovery

    Research and discovery Our design process begins with a research and discovery phase in order to pinpoint challenges and opportunities amongst users.
  • 2. Prototyping

    Prototyping We then move quickly to create low fidelity prototypes which can easily be tested within given user groups.
  • 3. Development

    Agile development From here, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and using an agile approach, test and deploy iteratively.

Our Values

  • Freedom

    Work the way you like to work, introduce new methods and approaches; we don’t have a corporate mindset.

  • Unbureaucratic

    No hierarchy, no forms to fill out, no rules (only 1: if you empty the coffee pot, put on a new one).

  • Uprightness

    We stand for what we do, work with a positive attitude, and try to make people’s lives better.

  • Trust

    We have each other’s back; through the ups and downs of a working day, we rely on and support each other.

  • Respect

    It’s the basis of our ethos: we treat our craft, our partners and people's opinions with respect.

  • Social impact

    We strive to develop products which have a positive impact on society and on those around us.

Some stats

  • ping-pong

    We’ve created our own pingpong app (twice)

  • code

    We’ve pushed 902.431 lines of code on github

  • coffee

    Coffee goes down at a rate of 5 jugs per day

  • plants

    We take care of 15 plants (or do they take care of us?)

  • people

    We’re 20 people from 6 different countries